I miss making someone else feel beautiful

One of the things I miss most about dating/relationships is the opportunity to make someone else feel beautiful/amazing. Despite my natural cynicism about myself, I am constantly amazed at the strength and power of other people. I enjoy the process of showing others the things about them that make them special.

I enjoy bringing happiness and pleasure to others, especially women. I like the flush of pleasure on a womans face from a really insightful compliment, that shy awkward turn and little smile where they don’t quite know how to take someones unexpected adoration of them.

Physically as well, I like giving pleasure. Kisses behind the ear, light touches on the hips, the occasional walk-by cheeky spank in the booty. Little physical touches that give make the skin tingle.

I like that.

(From here this gets less sweet and more sexual, going into some odd areas

Thinking about it, it isnt a subservience thing. I don’t want to place myself under anyone. In a way it is almost a control thing. The ability to make others feel something powerful, especially if it is a good thing.

I have a particular fetish for erotic mind control. This is an area where things ca get very dark very quickly. Consensual non-consent, enforced pleasure/pain, bimboification/intelligence reduction, humiliation to name a few of the less worrying areas.

There are lots of horrible stories that range from the childish (teenage nerd gets mind control powers, forces cheerleaders to become his sex slaves etc) to downright disturbing (man gets MC abilities, forces ex wife to become sexually attracted to dogs or must give blowjobs to any stranger that asks).

But to me the most interesting and appealing stories (as it is primarily a written medium) do not cast the protagonist as an evil man. They either have an external 3rd force that affects everyone (drug at a singles night lowers everyones inhibitions) or the protagonist finding they have powers and wondering how to handle them without losing their mind/morals.

Often the targets of the mind control become ‘slaves’, but are happy. They are adjusted to enjoy their new role, and refuse to be turned back. And their ‘masters’ or ‘controllers’ often genuinely want what is best for them.

If I was given MC powers as seen in many of the stories, I would be the nicest possible guy. The people around me would be happy, be dealing with their emotional problems, getting fit and healthy and enjoying their life. Not to say that things wouldnt necessarily get a bit freaky. I am only human after all, and the only way to remove temptation is to give in to it. But overall I would be a positive influence on the lives of others.

Giving compliments is like a tiny version of mind control. That tiny amount of influence is all that I have, and makes me feel a bit better. Plus I want people to be happy.

(This is the political bit)

I suppose it comes down to power. Being a man in the modern world often leaves you feeling powerless. Many men in the world wield exteme authority, but I dont. Hell, most of my bosses are women. Politically and socially, being a bog standard CIS white middle class male almost makes me invisible. My opinions are lost in a crowd. The crowd is huge, but my words are lost.

And in the dating world that is never more evident. Men have almost zero power, and women are the decision makers. The dating marketplace does not work for those who sit in the middle. To all of the ladies on tinder and bumble I am just another default white guy. Easily passed over for a better option.

A little power can go a long way.

(References for those interested)

For anyone who finds erotic mind control interesting, I recommend checking out the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive. There is a lot of dross, but the stories are clearly marked for content you may find objectional (incest, bestiality etc).

Some top class stories to start with

Talked themselves into it — Downing Street

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My new girlfriend — Icebear

These are genuine works, and the authors do work very hard. If you are not into it, or find the idea unpleasant, please do not leave comments/emails to the authors. This is just an expression of sexuality, the same as any other. Some people like big butts, some like blonde hair, some like fantasising about the ability to mould others to their will. All part of the rainbow etc.

Feel free to comment to me though. I enjoy feedback positive and negative.