Late to the game: Thoughts on Wonder Woman

The short version; It’s great. Almost makes of up for the string of dumpster fires that have been the DC movies so far. Gal Gadot has stage presence and kicks ass.

The longer version

  • The pacing and story structure issues that have plagued dc movies is absent. Everything made sense and happened at the right time
  • No magic coincidences (Martha!).
  • Everything was explained. No jj abrams mystery box bullshit (a story for another time or some crap like that).
  • Gal gadot is lovely to look at, and fantastic to watch. Charming and emotionally relatable.
  • Captain whats his name was good, but didnt steal focus.
  • I fucking called the big bad when i first saw them. But nicely done.
  • Not as feminist as people think. Diana sees a dudes dick for the first time and then falls world changingly in love with him. Really?
  • I would want my daughter to grow up with posters of gal godot on her wall.
  • The men in the movie were important, did their parts but never got in the way of dianas story.
  • Not enough movies are set during ww1. Lovely outfits, tragic backgrounds and high stakes.

Forgive the typing errors. On my phone in bed.