THIS! So much this.
John Ward


A real-time newsfeed would be a welcome improvement. Some of the good stuff I see is several days old. It takes time for content to percolate through Medium’s Rube Goldberg filtration system. Meanwhile, we’re like digital archaeologists sifting through sedimentary layers of self-help detritus to find something worth reading.

Part of the underlying problem could be the direct marketing strategies that permeate so much of what we see online. Like the ads that follow you around from site to site for weeks at a time.

The Medium publishing model is the result of careful planning. It reminds me of a historian’s tart observation that “McClellan’s plan (for crushing the Confederacy) was neat and logical and took account of everything but reality.”*

*T. Harry Williams, McClellan, Sherman and Grant (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1962), p. 32

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