Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Hi Umair. Thanks for your contribution. I fully agree with you. However, a new social platform can be built nowadays : 1) total anonymity guaranteed, users — with an ID only- post; 2) semantic analysis technology checks all posts; 3) all posts that are semantically very close to each other (= similar opinions)and where bullying is prevented from thanks to the “cop” = the semantic analyzing technology, alert each other via the anonymous ID’s platforms; 4) direct contact among users is at user’s choice and only after mutual electronic handshake, and outside the anonymous platform. To use your metaphor: it’s like going only to the bars and forum locations where you are sure to meet only the folks you like, and where you are sure you will not be bullied, since indeed: there are no cops around today to call on when your are bullied.

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