A working prototype of Grain.io

To showcase how Grain works, Onno Hektor (CEO of Grain) gives us a quick demo of the product.

What you can see in the video below is an implementation of the Grain infrastructure inside the tool of transaction partner Flexentral.

We have a look at the use case of an employer hiring an employee. After the employee has been selected and hired, he will log the hours he worked. When the employer then approves the hours, automatic payment is be triggered.

For the purpose of the demo, the system is running on the Ethereum Rinkeby test network.

Watch this video now and discover:

  • How a Grain smart contract is created and GRAIN tokens are deposited onto it
  • How GRAIN tokens are automatically transfered to the employee
  • A confirmation in Etherscan.io that the transaction actually happened

So check it out now:

If you have any questions about the Grain demo (or anything else), you can always send an email to pr@grain.io.

Don’t forget: The presale runs until the end of February. So if you want to lock in your 20% bonus, go to www.grain.io and register now.