August update — The state of our company.

The cryptoworld is in a stagnation and is presenting a couple of tough challenges. As the CEO of the company I think it is crucial to stay focussed on our mission: build great software to make companies work better.

In the last couple of weeks, you haven’t been hearing from us a lot. Time for a new update, because a lot has happened behind the scenes.

We’ve been busy building the company and the software platform to the point where we’ve been able to demonstrate Grain, in collaboration with the Flexentral HR platform.

We’re still solving a real-world issue.

We’ve been talking with lots of potential customers and users. Based on those conversations, we’re able to finetune our positioning to resonate better with future customers. And at the same time, we’re learning which new technology features to introduce that will make the product even more appealing. For example, we’re currently implementing a feature where only part of the contract value has to be reserved in GRAIN tokens. These conversations have been a confirmation that we’re solving a big issue in the market. And we expect to see some more partnerships roll out of it in the next six months.

Two screenshots of the new Flexentral interface (placed in a browser placeholder)

We’ve not just put all our focus on bringing the Grain infrastructure solution to market we’re now also ready to present the MVP of Flexentral to our first prospective customers later this quarter. It looks like we’ll able to launch the first fully public working product later this year.

All the end-users will purchase GRAIN tokens from public exchanges, guaranteeing a ramp-up of the liquidity of the token.

A setback in China

Unfortunately, our Chinese partner’s business is experiencing a lot of negative repercussions from the current trade-war with the US. The companies market valuation nearly halved in the last few months.

Although there is still a commitment to work with us, in reality, this cooperation is postponed and could be at risk.

Listing GRAIN on an exchange.

Another big topic on our announcement list is listing on exchanges. We’re happy to share with you that we’ve been accepted to be listed on an exchange that was high on our wishlist. One of the quickest growing exchanges around and regulated by a government body.

That being said, considering the market sentiment we believe listing the token has to be carefully orchestrated.

Our focus is now with a couple of pilot customers, who will be using GRAIN shortly as part of the Flexentral solution. With that we will establish real demand for our coin. This will also be the moment to get listed on a crypto exchange, the main reason is to balance demand and supply in a sustainable way and build the best possible conditions for our coin. Which is we expect to happen in the next two months.

Bounty tokens update

I’m aware of that fact that we’ve missed the bounty distribution deadline. Our updates around this event weren’t very extensive, to say the least. I want to reassure all bounty participants that the distribution will happen. We know who has participated and how the tokens have to be divided. We’ll share details about the distribution event in the coming weeks.

Grain is still unique

Overall I’m still very excited and confident about the future (despite the grim crypto climate at the moment). Customers are very positive about our proposition, and we’re building a proof of concept with some of them to go live in Q4.

And not to forget: The GRAIN team is unique, its diversity not only delivers smart, but also pragmatic solutions. We’re super focused and know how to deal with big challenges.

Talk soon, hopefully with some positive updates.

Onno Hektor
CEO at

Written by

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