adds former Randstad COO 
to board of advisors

Hans Hoogeveen, seasoned executive and former COO of Randstad, joins Grain in its quest to transform the way the world organizes work. With his background of working for the world’s second-largest HR services provider, Hans brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

“I can’t express how delighted we are”, says André Bonvanie; co-founder and board-member, “Hans is a recognized leader in the labor market, and he has always tried to find new and innovative ways to change how work can be organized differently.”

As a back-office solution enabling work agreements to be placed on the blockchain, Grain’s infrastructure has to accommodate different contract structures and work agreement scenarios. After working for Randstad for 35 years, Hans has a deep understanding of all the ways in which work can be organized. Grain can now leverage that to improve its product.

With Hans’ involvement, the Grain team will also be able build on his knowledge of the inner workings of Grain’s core target market. And the newly-minted Grain advisor will provide access to key players in the market and expedite its go-to-market success. Hans explains:

“As soon as companies get their hands on the Grain solution, it will really start to reinvent the way work is organized. The impact will be especially disruptive on the way the traditional payroll industry is organized. I’m excited to contribute to the success of Grain and take the labor market by a storm.”

The addition of Hans completes the advisory board that now boasts nine highly skilled experts. Recently Hedwigh Verbruggen-Letty (HR expert and senior honours lecturer) and Bhavik Patel (VC investor) also joined the ranks.

Onno Hektor, CEO of Grain, stands excited:

“From the start, we decided to not fall into the hype show that some ICO’s go through. We stayed away from the ‘well-known’ crypto advisors and focused instead on the advisors that can actually bring business value. The group that we’ve assembled now, provide a solid foundation of expertise and connections on which we can build a successful company. ”
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