What is an Instagram Account Creator?

3 min readOct 17, 2019


We often get clueless users who end up in our live chat system asking questions like these. They’re interested in the software, but they don’t really know what it’s all about

Put simply, an Instagram Account Creator (or generator/maker), is a software that creates Instagram accounts for you automatically. They often do this in bulk, and the users of this software often import proxies into the account creator to automate the process with different IP’s every time. These accounts often end up being used for growing purposes, for example.

Case Study #1

I’ve been researching into generating a steady income with Instagram, and I’ve heard about growing my own Instagram pages using like/follow or hashtag techniques, but I want to do this better than everyone. However… I’m not really sure where to start?

Growing Instagram accounts has been around for years. The only difference between a few years ago, and now, is that we now have access to automation tools that we previously didn’t have access to. Automation comes hand in hand with scalability. Why not grow 100, or 1000 Instagram accounts at the same time, instead of focusing on 1? For most people the answer is that we cannot as humans spend all day long juggling and managing 1000 accounts at the same time. For the few clever, the answer is simple, automation.

If you say that automation is the key, then how do we get access to these tools? Were do we start?

The first step is to create the accounts. After that, you can focus on growing them with other tools. To create the accounts, you could spend day and night trying to create 1,000 different accounts, or look right in front of you. We offer a solution to automatically as many accounts as you want per day.

Created accounts on GramCreator

What do I need to start creating accounts? Won’t Instagram notice that I’m juggling so many accounts at the same time?

If you use proxies to create the accounts, you are separating the accounts by IP, so its as if all the accounts belong to a complete different network. If the proxies are also located in different places, there is a physical separation with each account.


If you are looking to get serious about your IM (internet marketing) game, the first step to starting is right in front of you. We offer flexible plans for all kinds of budgets, and always strongly recommend that you review different plans and choose the one’s that fits within your business or personal budget.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at admin@gramcreator.com and we will aid you to the best of our ability.




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