#DraftBernie Quietly Admits It Was Wasting Everyone’s Time
Austin Miller

That is pure bullshit. Nick Brana said no such thing. We have simply realized that we don’t have time to wait for Bernie, and there is no reason to believe he intends to run for president again at all.

We focused on drafting him for two reasons: 1. He was drafted to run in 2016. He likely would never have run without that kind of prodding. He wasn’t offended by the draft then, so he wouldn’t be now. 2. Just like when the Republican Party was formed to replace the Whig Party, we wanted a natural leader for our movement, and who better than Bernie?

The accusation that we only recently came up with the idea of a coalition shows that you know nothing about us. We have been intent on that as part of our strategy from the beginning. Nick told the absolute truth that we have simply shifted our focus away from who the nominee will be to spend more of our time and energy on bringing progressives together in one unified party that can compete nationally.

We voted on changing our focus and the name change of the group as well. We all felt it was a natural progression. We came from Bernie’s campaign and wanted to create a party that would not undermine the greatest candidate for president we have seen since FDR. We were still focused on Bernie because we believed he was the man for the job. Many of us still do, but we also know that there are other wonderful progressive politicians who are natural charismatic leaders who might also choose to run on our ticket.

As time has gone on and Bernie has not been ready to commit to cutting ties with the Democratic Party, we have, as a group, realized that we can’t wait to work on forming the new party. So we have turned our attention to creating a coalition. That’s why we held the People’s Convergence last summer. It was a gathering of representatives from a number of progressive political parties, like the Green Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, various People’s parties. There were also representatives of groups like the Nurses Union’s Roseanne Demoro, who is a leader in the movement for Medicare for All. Everyone there agreed that a new single coalition party is the way to defeat the duopoly. So this is not just the old Draft Bernie organization. It is a coalition of organizations.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and call your report uninformed, although I suspect it is worse. You seem to have a personal stake in discrediting a whole movement by disingenuously criticizing the person who founded the group. Since you claim you are a progressive, you should be trying to unite our movement, not pitting us against each other. Which leads me naturally to suspect that you are just a shill for the DNC deliberately trying to disrupt the movement.

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