No flowers, no chocolates, just swallowing…(of one’s pride).

It’s almost that time again. No, not hammer time. To all, you Gen-Xers put away your genie pants. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Therefore, in the spirit of lurve, I’d like to share some learnings about a recent “courtship” with a potential business partner.

Some context:

I’m working on a podcast with zero money and I need a facility to record. The intended has the perfect platform, hence the courtship. …

Short story: A client of mine, who’s also a very talented musician almost pulled the plug on a project we’re currently busy with. The end.

Creating new things or just simply reproducing or modifying existing things is fundamental to the experience of being human. Whether it’s learning a language, completing the Comrades Marathon or learning to play the guitar. It’s absolutely critical, it’s vital. This is why three weeks into the year, gyms are packed. Humans strive for better. Do better, be better. …

Just yesterday, I presented a logo to a client for his business. Almost immediately, his facial expression went from one of expectation to WTF!

He felt that the logo did not represent who he is [as a person]. Basically, the logo did not reflect the blood, sweat and tears he had put in to start the business. The personal sacrifices he is making for his business to succeed.

I truly empathised with him as I had heard and witnessed — to a degree — the story of how he got to where he is. …

Ayanda Grandaddi Filita

Digital Strategy. UI Design. Graphic Design. E-Commerce

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