Business Bromance

Ayanda Grandaddi Filita
Jan 31 · 2 min read

No flowers, no chocolates, just swallowing…(of one’s pride).

It’s almost that time again. No, not hammer time. To all, you Gen-Xers put away your genie pants. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Therefore, in the spirit of lurve, I’d like to share some learnings about a recent “courtship” with a potential business partner.

Some context:

I’m working on a podcast with zero money and I need a facility to record. The intended has the perfect platform, hence the courtship. Essentially I am trading my skills and knowledge as a Creative Strategist for some studio time and the use of an established brand in the podcast game.

The learnings are as follows:

1. Offer value. Have a demonstrable solution for a specific problem your designate is struggling with. This could be a money saving innovation, which is always welcomed. Or just offer hands.

2. Your values must align, both personal and professional. This is important in establishing a fruitful relationship. A shared vision is the magic spark.

3. Be clear about your intentions from the outset. What are you getting out of this union? Be clear. This helps manage expectations in terms of what the goal of this union should be. And yes, it must be mutually beneficial.

4. Build trust. How do you build trust quickly? You do the basics well. Keep your word, be on time every time, return phone calls and take responsibilities for your fuck ups.

5. Have the dreaded money conversation as early as possible. Whether or not money will exchange hands. In this instance, “money” includes anything that could be considered a form of currency by either party. Marriages have ended because of this one, therefore be thorough.

That’s it for now, I’ll let you know when I get to “second base”.

…and if you have any more tips, please share in the comments section. Thank you!

Ayanda Grandaddi Filita

Written by

Digital Strategy. UI Design. Graphic Design. E-Commerce

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