Failure To Launch

Ayanda Grandaddi Filita
Jan 21 · 2 min read

Short story: A client of mine, who’s also a very talented musician almost pulled the plug on a project we’re currently busy with. The end.

Creating new things or just simply reproducing or modifying existing things is fundamental to the experience of being human. Whether it’s learning a language, completing the Comrades Marathon or learning to play the guitar. It’s absolutely critical, it’s vital. This is why three weeks into the year, gyms are packed. Humans strive for better. Do better, be better. That is the curse of being the most intelligent species on this planet (the octopus might have some feelings about this, but we eat them for dinner, literally).

In my own quest to do better and be better, I was elected as an accountability partner, and I obliged. The deal is: pick a project and commit to it and your accountability partner makes sure that you put it out no matter what. Even if they have to kidnap your dog (it’s that serious).

Back to my very talented musician client

Moral of the story is that Imposter Syndrome is a real thing. Being crippled by perfectionism is a real thing. These two things can lead to great work never seeing the light of day or denies any kind of work any kind chance to improve.

One can only get better at what they do by putting out work and getting feedback from your peers, customers, clients and assholes who think they know everything. But all of it is useful. Therefore, swallow it, with a pinch of salt, of course.

As I suspected, my very talented musician client is suffering from a combination of the above afflictions. After a timely intervention, the project is back on track.

The internet has made it easy for you to access platforms where you can present your work and receive feedback almost immediately. Put out your work and improve with each iteration, each project, and each collaboration.

Just Fucken Launch!

PS: First project is my website launching on 01 February 2019 —

Ayanda Grandaddi Filita

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Digital Strategy. UI Design. Graphic Design. E-Commerce

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