Grand Base
4 min readNov 24, 2023


Grand Base to All

Grand Base is about RWA and tokenization, but above all, it’s about synthetic assets. But what’s that?

Synthetic assets offer several advantages:

  • Global access: They enable all of us to take part in worldwide markets
  • Frictionless asset swapping: They make it easy to switch between assets.
  • Fast transactions: They make it easier to buy and sell assets.

How do they work?

Synthetic assets are simply tokens representing the value of an underlying asset. They are backed by stablecoins, which ensures the price is aligned with the real asset.

Who can create synthetic assets?

Anyone can create (mint) and trade synthetic assets, which makes it more accessible and equitable than TradFi. Grand Base is community-owned and decentralized due to its tokenomics and the nature of the gAssets-LP, the very heart of the project.

dApp preview and uses

After reviewing the basics, let’s see what the UI looks like and how pleasant the UX can be. To do this, we’re going to take a tour with a homemade guide.

1. My base page

“My base” is divided into 3 blocks, the first one summarizes the totalwallet holdings including assets in the wallet, LP tokens in pools, and stacked tokens.

The second part is reserved for a detailed overview of your positions in the liquidity pools.

The third part is dedicated to staking positions, and the claim button makes it easy to claim your rewards at any time.

2. The mint page

The “Mint” page is used to mint gAssets by providing the necessary collateral, with two main menus.

The mint menu is as follows, allowing you to choose the asset you wish to be minted and the percentage of collateral you wish to deposit, all made easy with a sliding bar.

To get back the collateral, simply select the asset you wish to burn in exchange for the collateral you deposited.

3. Swap page

The swap page is dedicated to BUY/SELL gAssets and $GB tokens, a chart is associated with each asset chosen in the swapping process.

The swap interface is built on top of Uniswap UI, the simplicity of the Uniswap DEX is maintained, and assets can be swapped not only on the Grand Base dApp but also directly on Uniswap.

4. Stake page

The staking page is dedicated to the staking process as the name indicates, the assets are classified and sorted into several categories.

For each gAsset, you can easily visualize the current APR and the liquidity available in the liquidity pool associated.

To stake an asset, simply select the amount you wish to stake and execute the transaction. The same process applies to unstaking.

5. Liquidation page

It’s also known as an arbitrage paradise! All the assets that didn’t respond to the margin call will be liquidated and put on sale here, the sale last 24 hours with a discount price depending on the situation of the liquidated position. This is where the good deals are made.

6. Pool page

The pool page is built on top of Uniswap UI with the same idea as for the swap menu, keep the Uniswap simplicity. Here you can add liquidity to your favorite gAsset in a few clicks.


This very brief guide will help you get to grips with the UI of the dApp and understand the mechanics better. What could be better than images (screenshots), they’re worth a thousand words!

Our TGE is planned for next week, the details will be published shortly after this article on our social media, join us on Discord and X to not miss out!

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