People and Things 101

It’s not personal, it’s just business.

How many times have you heard this ridiculous statement??

If there is no people then there is no business. We are always dealing with people because we live in a world filled with them — and when you’re dealing with people, then by golly, it’s personal.

I don’t care diddly squat what your business is about, the ultimate goal is to reach people so that they will use whatever it is you’re selling (product, idea, service, etc.). For that reason alone, it must always be personal.

We can be surprisingly resourceful and will look elsewhere for the “thing” you are selling when we don’t like you or your way of doing business! Not only is the world full of people, but also people creating “things”…things, things, and more things. People create “things” for other people so that they can get more “things”. It is an interesting cycle that is gaining momentum every second.

1. We buy from people that we like and can relate to.

Have you ever been to — let’s say a restaurant — and the food was great, but the service was terrible? I’ll bet my bottom biscuit that you vowed not to come back, or at least compared and declared another restaurant better, simply because of the service. I will avoid businesses with rude employees at all cost and most other folks would too (wouldn’t you?). Whether it is in person, over the phone, Internet, text, social media, or any other form of communication, the interaction becomes personal, on some level. If the personal touch is missing, we simply can’t relate and as a matter of principle — move forward with any type of relationship.

2. Your aren’t the only one who has the “thing” you’re selling.

O Yes! I can only grab what you have to offer if I act fast…there has never been a deal like this yet and there will never be one like it again, right? Wrong, we’ll find it on Google in less than a minute; insulting to our intelligence and again personal.

On the other hand — the positive perspective — it feels great when our every need is thoughtfully considered and options are easily made available with no real pressure. Integrity must be at the center of it all, truly wanting to make the world we live in a better place for people to interact with people. When business is conducted in this manner, we are touched and in turn touch your business with our purchase. When you treat customers like people instead of things, you sell the “thing” you are trying to sell. When you don’t, your business fails because we just buy the “thing” from a business that does.

3. What do I know about business?

It’s simple, I’m a person, therefore a customer and business man. Do I qualify to help your business succeed? Sure do, I’m a customer and I want the “things” you are selling. No business understands my needs more than I do. If you’re wondering how to run a successful business, just make it personal and ask me what would make me get my “things” from you first.

I am brand spanking new to Medium and already love the platform, the posts, and the creativity. I love to write and am an inspiring entrepreneur, writer, and encourager. Let me know what you think if you took the time to read this. Feedback is essential so don’t be shy.