Should you choose an Apartment or a House?

There are two kinds of home owners in the world, ones who like living in apartments, and ones who like living in houses. With a clear increase of apartment complexes and houses in Sri Lanka, an important question is now being asked — ‘Which one should I choose to live in?

This question has no right answer. How you choose to live is very subjective and is based on your personal preference. Each has its own perks and is built for a very specific lifestyle. To figure out which suits you best, we need to analyze both.

Perks of living in an apartment

  1. Size

Apartments are a lot smaller than regular houses, but most apartments come with wall-mounted furniture and spacious designs to make it look much larger. Apartments are built to be simple, elegant and practical; they use space wisely and have multi-functional furniture. This smaller size also enables easier maintenance as there’s less cleaning space to worry about.

2. Location

Apartments give us a wider choice in terms of location. Almost every major city in the country has at least two to three apartment complexes in it, giving you the freedom to choose a location that’s convenient to you.

3. Community

Apartment complexes usually come with its own close community. This helps establish good relationships with your neighbors and you never really feel alone. These communities generally do a lot of activities together, giving you that feeling that you’re a part of a big family.

4. Security

Apartments offer a lot in terms of security as well. Most apartments have security and a lot of them feature secure front gates which can only be opened with a code or card. Also, it’s less likely for a potential thief to go unnoticed when there are so many neighbors everywhere around you.

Perks of living in a house

  1. Size

Houses are the exact opposite to apartments when it comes to space. They can be built to have a lot of space, but not everything in the house has a function. A house’s focus is more on beauty than functionality, due to the surplus in space helping them do whatever they want with their home without sacrificing essential space.

All that space also makes room for extra amenities such as extra bedrooms, personal garages and a yard to entertain guest in. Professional construction companies like GrandMark make sure that these extra amenities have the same flow has the rest of your home, making your home elegant and beautiful.

2. Privacy

Most houses in Sri Lanka are standalone homes surrounded by four walls, and provide an ample amount of privacy and freedom. While you will still get to be a part of your neighborhood community, they do allow you to go about your day without any unwanted attention.

3. Easier to be a part of nature

Houses are a lot cooler than apartments. This is because most houses are surrounded by vegetation and trees which keep your home cool. Most of the time you may not need air conditioning during a hot day.

Houses also allow you the opportunity to own pets, and gives them more than enough room to roam about.

4. Freedom

When you live in a house you have the freedom to design it in whatever way you please. This is more than possible, now that companies like GrandMark helps design custom homes to suit your daily needs. This also allows you the chance to make changes to your home in the future.

And there you have it! Hopefully you are now better prepared to make the important decision of building a house or buying an apartment.

If you still have questions, call GrandMark on 077 003 6130 and we’d be glad to talk you through this choice.