The Raptors Have a Fan Problem

Before you toss out the group or sell off for future pieces, I would love a season where an offensive minded coach came in and installed an offense beyond purely iso. The usage rates for the guards are so high because Casey essentially runs two plays: DeMar shoots or Lowry shoots. The team has been last or dead last in team assists for several years in a row now, Casey has failed to really develop any of our younger players, and I don’t think he can deliver a culture change. I’d love to have a new coach brought in and see how far this team can go if they’re taught to actually move the ball. I’m not saying it would be anywhere as drastic, but look what happened when Kerr took over from Jackson, benched Lee, and let the team actually move around. Imagine a season in Toronto where the four guys that don’t have the ball are actually moving on offense.

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