FACT CHECK: 5 Biggest Lies from Debbie Preston’s Fraud Confession
Bing Chex

A shame that hard news isn’t a skill set the local news outlets are capable of or aloud to practice? Coverage of an arrest, active investigation or trial information yes. Forcibly placing a foot in a door ( figuratively) or actually acting as the protector of the common interest by sounding off to live press conferences NEVER! We have at least one local news outlet using time laps video as “Live Weather” (helpful hint they have a new studio that looks like ESPN). So with a limited budget or limited investigative skills, you get what you pay for. Local radio broadcast still get premium level advertising revenue. At least it seems that way not one of them have gone off the air, local TV can’t say that. The new digital broadcast format is intended to broaden channel offerings. Two new broadcast TV channels have come into our area for nearly a month now. No local commercials are broadcast to date. Those channels are: 34.3 (Laff)a comedy offering, 34.4 (Escape)crime and investigative procedural. Some markets also received the other two channels which are (Bounce) African American based programming and (Grit) action adventure offering.

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