A Quiet Space In Twitter Land

I created a new social account for Stone Circle a few weeks ago. Follow it @_stonecircle if you wish but that isn’t the goal of this post, its to describe the nice quiet space it is.

I must admit my first inclination when I open a Twitter account is to go on a following spree. Follow everyone in my space, follow the leaders in tech, follow the mommy blogger who sends the nice picture, oh look a news feed.

But I am not doing this with this account. Here are my rules for this account in a social world where there is no such thing as rules :-

  1. Only follow people who I am interested in. Interesting is up to me.
  2. If you don’t interact with me then I will unfollow. This rule must be explained. It isn’t me being a follow snob. It is just what I want to do with the account. I want it to be a Social account (capital S). If want lots of news I have my RSS feed on @feedly and other social accounts. Of course I must produce something that makes me worth interacting in the first place is the fun/core part of social for me.
  3. Don’t follow any brands. I find brands interact poorly or at least selfishly. The only exception is to brands or companies that I know. Ironically I have my logo and the brand name here but I do use my name so thats my “Get Out Of Jail Free” card
  4. Don’t follow more than 200 people as more than that it becomes a crowded stream, but if Rule 2 is applied it can be a stream that I can dip into and have tons of fun in
  5. Have a bit of fun. I must admit the fun part of Twitter has disappeared a little out of my personal social interactions especially on Twitter. Twitter has become more push push than interaction. But rule 2 should make that a little better

Rules are of course there to be broken and I will break them.

At the moment it is a quiet little stream flowing quite slowly. I have another Twitter account with over 6K followers. It’s a mess and I visit it less and less (and yes that does rhyme). Some day I will clean it but not today.

Come visit I’ll say Hi and it won’t be automated.

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