The perception that the best in class people in your niche live in Tesla driven wonderland couldn’t be further from the truth. I am pretty sure they have pretty much the same worries as you so get off your butt and write. These guys do it all the time. Ask Gary Vaynerchuk.

As those who read my medium posts now comprehend I am in this mega writing rant at the moment. I am even writing this in my car on a rain sodden Saturday morning as me wife plays tennis on my iPhone. No she isn’t playing tennis in my iPhone. She is playing in the rain.

I am writing this purely to show that you can find time to write. In fact on the phone you can be pretty focused as the distraction levels are much lower (except the ever heavier rain and yes the tennis continues)

Despite alleged high speed lives we all have a lot of down time. Waiting in lines. Sitting in cars. Watching junk TV. Early morning I got as your house sleeps.

If course you have to find time for thinking and dreaming but dedicating a part of your day to create content won’t ruin it. 20–30 minutes should suffice and the results are much more productive than staring out at this.

And yes the rain does continue. And so does the tennis. Crazy guys.

Of course you want to create something valuable and thought provoking and leading and perhaps all 3. But this is just to demo what a slightly cold Irish guy can do in a small car on a wet Cork morning. If I could add audio you could hear the rain pelting off the roof. It’s hypnotic.

In fact with the iPhone the auto suggest option allows you to create words (maybe no ground breaking content) easily.

And yes it is actually raining heavier. And the tennis continues.

So get going. Pull out your device. Be the person sitting there with the iPad, tablet or God forbid paper and pad.

I will stay dry here.

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