Hello guys! Today I’ll tell you about one event that impressed me a lot!

So, yesterday, my dream came true, because I visited the concert of my favorite singer — Max Korzh!

So, my sister and me decided to go there 3 hours until the concert, but the queue was huge already!

As we had VIP tickets, we decided to find the queue special for such kind of tickets.

When it was 6 p.m. on the watch, we was allowed to come in and take our place.

By the way, we also was allowed to go downstairs to the dancing floor, so I thought that our queue was smaller, so we could get the place near the stage! Luckily, we got it! Yaaaaay!!

During the concert I got a looooot of positive emotions! I was realizing that my dream was coming true in that moment! 😍 I was dancing, jumping and singing a lot!

By the way, I was a little bit sick, but when you’re getting this energy from a singer, from a music and from other people, you forget about it!

Unfortunately, the concert was over :( . But we decided to stay for some time and wait for Maxim.

We was waiting him for an hour and luckily he came out!

Everyone wanted to take a photo with him, but he told us something like this: “Guys, forget about photos, it doesn’t matter! Enjoy this moment! And I came here not to take photos, but to talk with you! I don’t want to feel like it’s my job! I want to enjoy talking with you!”

Then he was talking with us ( about 20 people ) about his music, concerts etc.

Besides, he decided to take one photo with all of us. So, here it is! (He is in front of the girl in blue jacket)

Then he started to talk with us again and HE HUGGED ME AND GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE! 😭😍❤️ I was too happy, I can’t even describe my emotions with words!

After he sat in the car, Nastya and I went to take a taxi.


then we was just staying and I saw that his car is going near us and Max was filming fans, who was running near the car! When the car stoped, because of the red light, Max was filming us and we and two other girls decided to be closer to the car, so we came there. He asked us to say some words about the concert for the video and promised to come back! And then the car went away. :(

So, in conclusion, I want to say that this day was full of emotions! I think that I’ve never been so happy!

Thanks life! 😂

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