Hi everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about this week in LUNN!

So, I could say, that it was hard. There are some reasons for it.

First of all, we had to study a lot of history! And it’s difficult, I think, because there are too much information! But… we have to do it.

Secondly, We had to do a lot for English classes! It’s normal, because at the end we’ll get a good result, I hope!

Thirdly, on this week I didn’t have a free time at all! :(

Also, my goal of improving accent isn’t done! So, I have to continue to read and to speak a lot!

By the way, I liked the first chapter of the book “Don’t look behind you”, which we read in English class! I enjoyed doing tasks for it, although the assignment was huge!

I can’t wait to read more chapters of this book. :)

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