Convert your home into a Royal Palace with Marble stones:

Get your floor laid using an exquisite marble stone. Contact GraniteGraniteInc today and convert your wall and bathroom countertops with some of the best collection of marble stone obtained from vendors present across the globe. The Marble countertop is preferred for bathrooms alone. It has an excellent finish and gives a royal look to your bathrooms. As it is not resistant to stain and scratch, it is not preferred for kitchen countertops. However, the elegance and its exclusive features cannot be ignored. It is classy and stylish in appearance.

The marble countertops are used from ancient times. The royal palaces had an enchanting beauty with elegant stone laid on the floor and walls. The highlight of marble stones is that, its elegance and shine improves with age. The Marble countertop is a calcified limestone, which is highly reactive to detergents and acidic content, such as in lemon juice. Therefore, the marble countertops are sensitive to stains and hence are not a favorite choice for kitchen countertops.

5 highlights of Marble countertops:

1. The marble countertops are heat resistant. It does not catch fire or burns, however, the color of the stone changes when subjected to heat and it is difficult to get back the original color or gloss.

2. The Marble countertop comes in different colors and hues. The color of the marble depends upon the area of mining.

3. Although marble countertops are expensive, it is however long standing and excels in performance even after years of service.

4. It is used in many indoor applications, although it is not recommended for outdoor use.

5. Marble stone is a natural stone and its color varies from white to black. It has a unique design which enriches the place it’s adorned.

GraniteGraniteInc obtains the finest collection of marble stones especially white marbles from Carrara, Italy such as Carrara white, Statutario, and Calacatta. Get in touch today and embellish your home with world class marble stone.

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