“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

That is a question we looked to help teens begin to address with a new product proposed for The Muse, a career development website founded in New York in 2011.

On 3 April, after being partnered with Molly White we were given our dream client Spotify and given the task of building out a series of new features for the mobile app.

The features to be considered were:

  • Users can select tracks and take turns playing songs
  • Users can start, join, and share live channels with other users
  • Listeners on a live channel are able to chat with each other
  • Being able to record and share custom mixes

We began our project by conducting some background research into the company itself, to determine who their users are and what features…

For my initial assignment at General Assembly I was given the task of designing an app for a phone to benefit Education. I did not have an initial idea or problem to address so began my process with research hoping that the information gathered from my (potentials) users would reveal one to me. I began my research by creating an Empathy Map from the perspective of someone using their phone for educational purposes to identify my potential users and what questions I may ask during my User Interviews.

I: Empathy Map

I have noticed that in 2017 more and more of the ubiquitous poorly designed devices and websites (my newly replaced cable box for an example) are being replaced by ones that are much more user focused. Below are a few examples of some of the well-designed and a few that leave room for improvement.

Examples of the Beautiful and User Friendly

Acnestudios.com (Fashion brand’s e-commerce site)

One of the most beautiful e-commerce sites I know also happens to be a pleasure to use. A colleague of mine happens to be in charge of e-commerce for the label and has regularly…

I am excited to be shifting careers from more physical forms of design to UX Design. I have spent the majority of my working life post graduation from university in the menswear fashion industry, both as on design teams for major labels and as the founder of mine own.

Claude Grant

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