I’m going on an adventure

I’ve played around with blogs for years and never really found a groove. But I think this time it might work out.

I plan on writing about all sorts of things here, stories related to my work and chosen career field (aquaculture, specifically salmon farming in British Columbia, Canada) as well as lots of other things that interest me.

Social media has changed the way we tell all our stories, whether they be corporate narratives or stories about what we did on the weekend. I don’t think we really know where this trend is going, but the top-down conversation initiated by the traditional media / government / church gatekeepers is on its way out.

But too much social media is now about throwing opposing viewpoints at each other, without any dialogue, discussion, or attempts to understand different ideas. It’s online tribalism and it’s easy to find a group of like-minded people where you insulate yourself in a safe idea bubble and demonize anyone who holds a different view.

I don’t want that. I like challenging myself with different, uncomfortable ideas. I want to try and talk to people who disagree with me, and I want to try and share and learn about the topics that interest me.

I’m going to try and keep it conversational, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be a perfect communicator. No one is. I’ll undoubtedly offend people, get offended myself, say rude things and be sarcastic. But I’ll always try and find understanding and common ground.

We might not agree, but we can at least try, as the great philosophers Bill and Ted taught us, to “Be Excellent to Each Other.”