Hello, my friend. I am a human. And I am very pleased to meet you.

I belong to one race, one creed, one colour. The human one.

I detest, and stand against, all violence.

I am not on the side of the killers. I am on the side of the people.

I am sick and tired of watching our governments and politicians create the conditions where people are radicalised. And kill.

In your country, my country and just about every country, children are killed. By adults.

We all look on and wonder when will the madness stop? When will someone do something?

My friend: they won’t. We have to do it. We have to do something. You and me. Him and her. And them. All of us.

The politicians tell us we need bombs. They are instruments of death. And murder. We don’t need them. We need love. A lot of it.

At the last count, there were over 7 billion of us. 7 billion. That is a lot of love, my friend.

So don’t look at the stranger, with a frown and wonder; “Who is he? What does he want?”

Look at the human you don’t yet know, with a smile ponder; “Who is he? What can I do for him?”

We are humans. All of us. In one big team.

So, let’s stop fighting and starting playing, eh?