Business Balls vs. Golf Balls

Recently I ran into a guy I played a round of golf with years ago who said to me “haven’t seen you at the club lately.” I told him, “I haven’t seen you at the bank.”

What’s so funny about this exchange is this guy has been struggling with his finances for years but continues to work on his golf game. I wasn’t rubbing it in his face, he knows I’m doing well, I was just trying to make a point — I’m working my ass off pal and because of that I’m getting my financial house in order.

“I’m finding my business balls rather than my golf balls.”

Prior to 2008, I was playing golf three times a week. What was I thinking spending time on the golf course, or anything for that matter, when I could have been spending time getting my financial house in order. I had gotten distracted and entitled, had started to rest on my laurels and put my family at risk.

I know life is not just about work and money but notice how many people are not having much of a life because of work and money. I decided to master my work and my money and if my golf game or social status suffer, so be it.

I am concerned less about my popularity and more about economics. I had to find my business balls rather than my golf balls.

Grant Cardone,

“It’s all right if you sacrifice fun today for freedom tomorrow.”
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