Calling Out Trolls & Impostors

What if someone used a photo of you as their profile page? What if they also used your daughter in their profile to make them look like a loving father?

What would you do?

That’s right, this guy, unbeknownst to me, grabbed a photo off my FB page of my three-year-old daughter and I and is using it to promote himself on Myspace.

I was recently sent the above photo.

This is what I do when it happens. This imposters or person is named “Scott Humpai” and if you know him call him out. He claims he lives in Benicia, California. And Scott isn’t the only imposter in this world, there are lots of them.

People claiming to be salespeople, managers, big shots, entrepreneurs, experts, parents, spouses, and friends that merely use the title and nothing more. Those that don’t work on being their title and get great at that thing they claim they are are also imposters. Call them out for what they are until they straighten themselves out.

It’s said that plagiarizing is a form of flattery. I believe it’s simply a sign of a person with no ethics — a common thief — a piece of garbage that has no self-esteem or self-respect. They should be called out.

LOOK BEYOND A PERSON’S PROFILE OR BUSINESS CARD — look to their connections, their past, their possessions and what they do every day to find out who they really are.

I have known so many imposters in my time; Paul, Ralph, Rob, JB, TR, KT, MS, and many more — Never be threatened by them simply call them out for what they are and who knows maybe they will straighten themselves out.

Bounty on anyone that can locate Scott Humpai with admission to my upcoming The10XRule live event.

Grant Cardone

New York Times best-selling author of four books, a dozen best-selling training programs, international speaker and owner of four privately owned companies. Grant so writes for Entrepreneur Magazine, Wells Fargo and Business Insider.

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