Cold Calling Sale Tips & Grant Cardone

Inside Sales collaborates with international sales training expert Grant Cardone on July 16th, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. PT to discuss cold calling and prospecting for sales organizations.

Ken Krogue, President and Founder at has worked with the best of the best to provide useful and practical information for startups, sales organizations and entrepreneurs that seek out sales strategies and breakthroughs for growing revenue. Inside sales works with giants LinkedIn, Microsoft and the like and is again collaborating with New York Times Bestselling Author and world-renowned sales leader Grant Cardone and Grant Cardone Sales Training University.

Cardone says, “you can make money by accident, but you won’t get wealthy by accident. The same is true in sales. Anyone that shows up can stumble upon a sale, but the great sales people use sales strategies to repeat their sales success.”

The last time Cardone, Ken Krogue and Inside Sales worked together they delivered to over 32,000 sales professionals via webinar. The upcoming webinar is certain to grab another large audience demonstrating strategies for prospecting social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Just a few of the scheduled topics covered in this webinar and ebook:

  • How to Handle Price on the Phone
  • How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
  • Create Urgency with a sales lead
  • How to Close on the Phone
  • How to Separate Yourself from the Competition
  • How to Qualify the Buyer Over the Phone
  • What to Never Say on the Phone
  • How to Follow-Up the Unclosed Buyer

The date of this epic sales training webinar event is July 16, 2016 11:o0 am PT.

“You can make money by accident but you won’t get wealthy by accident.”


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