How to Craft The Perfect Pitch

How to Craft The Perfect Pitch for You

Everyone will have to pitch themselves at some point in their life. Do you know how? Have you crafted your perfect pitch for yourself. This is a very simple task that most people never get right. This is not about selling it is about getting someone’s attention, creating interest and having others remember you for you.

  1. What is the one thing you want the prospect to remember about you? Do not try to be all things to all people. You are trying to get the pitch to stick not make a sale.
  2. What is your big claim of your product or service? Do not talk about your products create a big claim for your product or service. “My product is sales training, we help companies increase sales 40% in thirty days.”
  3. What is your competitive advantage — what do you do better than anyone else that if you said it everyone would want it? Find that stand out thing that you do better than the rest of the world. This is called the sticky
  4. Who are the decision makers and influencers of your offer? 
    Who is it you would need to get in front of to demonstrate and validate your offer. You need to know the types of people that influence or decide on your offer. Depending on how complex a sale you are involved with or how large a company there could be many influencers. “If I could do for 1/2 of what I have claimed are you the decision maker at your company? And who else would need to be involved?”
  5. How many different pitches do you need? You need one for everything you want to be remembered. I own five companies there is no way I can pitch them all in 20 seconds. So I have to create a pitch for each and know enough about the person that I am speaking to know which to present.

The pitch is not selling, the pitch is about getting attention and keeping your pipeline full. The prospect has a lot going on and is short on time. Don’t sell, pitch, clarify your goal before your start and know something about the target to pick your pitch, ask for the prospects full attention, make it sticky and determine the decision makers and influencers — then get it right. For another article on this topic check out How to Sell Your Ideas in 20 Seconds on Grant Cardone TV.

Hope this helps — be great,

Grant Cardone