Economics Made Simple

I recently spoke at the Pentagon to troops in transition from military careers to civilian duty. My opening line was, “look I’m going to keep it real — life is basically a perpetual transition, a series of changes — fight it if you want, but it changes nothing.”

You guys are going home — there are no fairy tail jobs or perfect bosses waiting for you back home. I hate my boss and my job at least half the time and I work for myself.”

I hear people giving advice like, “you need to do what you love” suggesting that everything will somehow be fine if you just do what you love.

I’ve never had that experience. Economics isn’t about love it’s about taking care of the people you love! I love parts of my career and dislike other parts. I do shit jobs every day that I hate.

Then I asked the audience of transitioning soldiers, “how many of you would do a crummy job if you could provide for your families in a spectacular way?

Welcome to the real and simple world of economics. The word ‘economy’ is derived from Greek and originally meant, “household management.” Clearly the Greeks didn’t look up their own definitions and is why they are being punished today.

Taking care of your household has nothing to do with how much you like your job. It’s about taking care your family. It’s a shame so many families in America have been deluded into thinking the economy is any more complicated than just that.

We hire vets at our company because we love their work ethic. But let’s face it in the real world of economics you have to fight as hard at home as you would the enemy in someone else’s.

Let me know if you know a VET in transition — we want to give him or her a shot.

Grant Cardone

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