Persistence is a Virtue

Persistence is one of the most valuable and necessary virtues of the successful entrepreneur. You will hit times of difficulty, opposition and failure and the only way to conquer this is to persist. Those that are unable to persist will fail.

Persistence is defined as, “continue firmly or obstinately in an opinion or a course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition, or failure.” It is derived from, “steadfastly; to stand.

Donald Trump is a master at this and he doesn’t have to be right to persist and make sense of his position. He doesn’t just persist on the matter he is defending. He continues to push his beliefs onto his audience.

Henry Ford built the automobile and persisted in order to build a transportation machine. The marketplace was not only not asking for a car they opposed it. Ingenuity, innovation and creativity were vital but not more important than persistence.

Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, continued firmly when even family members begged him to drop his ‘little’ coffee bistro business. Bob Duggan, bought a floundering failing company and introduced the new idea of friendly medicine to take Pharmacyclics to a value of 21 billion dollars in only seven years of his leadership.

Persistence is the muscle that turns ideas into reality. No idea simply goes to market without complications, unforeseen difficulties and most take much longer than imagined. When things are not going well I simply tap into my persistence formula — all difficulties can be overcome by the right amount of effort (persistence).

“Persist despite the difficulties, fear, customers’ objections, disloyal employees, all forms of disappointments, money concerns and whatever else — simply persist and you will succeed.”

Grant Cardone

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