The Big Mistake on Digital Leads

Companies that rely on online leads are 100% more profitable than those that don’t. Over 15% of all sales on this planet will be transacted through the web and that number will only grow higher. 50% of all customers on planet earth spend more than 75% of their shopping time in research on a website. You need to know how to convert digital leads.

Visuals are processed faster than text or data. Have your website pleasing to the eye. People shop online because it’s easy. They don’t want to talk to people. It’s ease of access and you don’t have to deal with people. People also think they are getting a better price. The consumer feels empowered and in control of the shopping experience and that’s when people start buying — when they feel confident.

Realize that the online customer is no different than the customer in front of you, except they are online. It’s the same person. A device doesn’t change people. They want info easily and fast.

Imagine someone comes to a store and stands in the middle of the showroom, and nobody comes to them. It happens sometimes. Now if someone goes to your website, is the same thing happening? Treat internet leads like regular customers in person. Provide info, treat them like a buyer, provide great service. It’s a digital lobby.

It takes 8 attempts to reach a prospect after they hit a website and have shown interest.The average attempt to reach a prospect from a company that is online is only 2 attempts. Have the mindset that it will take 8 attempts to reach them, and 8 more to finish them. Follow up a lead within 5 minutes and you increase your chances of converting that web lead 9 times. Speed is the new big!

The average response time online for companies responding to digital leads is 44 hours. At 40 minutes it will be in the remote distant past. At 4 hours I’ve forgotten I hit your website altogether. If you follow up in 44 hours you are a dinosaur. Speed is king.

Slow response time or no response is the BIGGEST mistake people are making on internet leads. The single most effective thing you can do to increase response is speed. The first person there is the first person interested. If you respond in 44 hours you aren’t even on the same planet as the buyer! Speed is power. Hit it hard and often. I’m talking sales here. The early bird gets the worm. Make a commitment to speed!

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Be great,


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