What I Learned from the Debate

Source: Slate

With just five candidates at Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate, there was a lot of focus on the middle class and its problems.

Here is a breakdown of how many times key issues were mentioned:

  • 4 Poverty
  • 15 Economy
  • 23 Wall Street
  • 25 College
  • 30 The Middle Class, Income Inequality and the Wealthy (combined)

What I am reminded of after watching this is that politicians never fix a family’s economics — ever.

The thing I learned is if you want to guarantee your family finances you must become a millionaire or billionaire — don’t depend on any politicians. The only one who can fix your problems is you.

For 100 years, politicians have promised to save the middle class — and nothing has happened, NOTHING. The middle class is dying and the only thing you should do is get OUT of it. A recent study found nearly half of Americans are saving no more than 5% of their income, and only one in five saving anything. A quarter of the middle class households are only saving about 15% of their income.

Look at this graph since 1917 and you will see that the only groups able to save any money are those int he top 10%.

Source: Financial Samurai

Take control of your finances. Stop depending on the government.

Grant Cardone

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