There Is No Good Argument For The Teen Wage
Hanna Brooks Olsen

I used to have a hospitality business and employed a lot of teens. From memory we started 13–14 year olds at $6–7 (dish clearing and washing), a it went up with age and experience. We have a list of tasks that they earned an extra .50c an hour for once they were signed off on them. We had a number of young people who were with us until they finished school. I enjoyed having them and seeing them develop in skills and confidence but I can tell you if I had to pay them an adult minimum wage (I think was $12 or $13 then) I would have just gone for adults. I endured a lot of frustration and cost due to their immaturity and inexperience but when you pay $6-$8 it is ok. I also had 17/18 year olds earning more than the adult minimum wage because they had proven they deserved it. I do appreciate there many employers who will churn, burn and exploit teenagers so they do need some protection.

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