A Walk in The Grass

This mornings walk in the cold, rain soaked grass has left

the soles of my feet tingling, .

I can still feel the sensation the warm sun on my body.

The feeling of the grass as it pushes it way through my toes.

I never forget how fortunate we are to

live in such a beautiful place.

A series of compounding random events totally out of my control

coupled to some well-architected plans and the courage to make a change

led my family and myself to the beautiful Okanagan valley in November of last year.

Every morning I wake up, which is by the way, is becoming earlier and earlier,

I am grateful to be here.

This morning was the first time since moving I have deliberately

went out and just walked barefoot. And it felt great.

I’m pretty sure a lot of the friends and colleagues I worked with

used to think I was,,,,well a wee bit nuts.

I looked for any excuse to be in bare feet.

When we would go out for lunch in the summer time I would be

first out the door of the building kick off my shoe and walk along the

grass verge in my bare feet.

It was as close as I could get to that feeling you know, you had as a kid.

When you flop down in some tall grass and just stare at the clouds

allowing your mind to wander.

But why this morning?

Well I decided to follow my own advice, oh and that of Dave Asprey,

and something from his latest book Headstrong.

Turns out being in nature connecting with the earth helps to recharge your mitochondria, the bodies power centre.

If you want to know more about the science and it’s all there references and all.

As someone who doesn’t do well with blind faith.

Headstrong offers me all the insight, data research and scientific proof to shock me out of my comfort zone.

Go get the book Headstrong…Its an awakening.

Sorry Dave pitch over..

One of my traits is I am codependent.

I used to feel this was a negative but I’m embracing it and turning it into a positive.

By listening and acting on my own advice.

A very dear friend of mine has been going through some tough times recently.

I do what I can to chat to her but more importantly to listen.

Today was no exception she was in full support mode for her sister

who was waiting on results from a cancer test.

Good news is her sister is all clear.

But that stress and worry has her completely mentally fatigued.

I suggested to her that if she could find a moment, to kick of her shoes.

Get outside. Go find a small piece of nature feel the earth beneath her feet

and the sun on her body. That this would help recharge her energy

and ground her in the present…

Unfortunately its pissing down with rain where she is.

But it made me realize..

Why am I not doing that?

That I was a wee bit of a hypocrite if I wasn’t following my own Sage advice

Why is that the I haven’t added that deliberate recharging,

grounding experience to my daily routine.

Well I have now.

Go on you know you want to do it.

Step outside, even if it is raining, find a piece of grass,

kick off your shoes and socks and just walk around, no phone

no music, just allow your thoughts to come and go.

(Be careful of the dog poo though it has a tendency to ruin the whole thing)

Have Fantastic Friday

p.s. Hey if you like what you read and think someone you know might enjoy this too or get some inspiration from it I would like to ask you to share it please.

As my kids would say;

“Sharing is Caring”

“It All Starts With You, all it take is to show up each and every day”