WTF is a Sheepdog

By my own confession I am a knowledge junkie.

For years I had this kind of mantra;

“If I learn something new as I draw my last breath then I would be fulfilled.”

Recently though I have began questioning that philosophy.

Why, because it is a complete contradiction to one of my other beliefs.

“Knowledge is power, but only when shared.”

So its seems selfish to continue to gather knowledge and

not share it. And man do I gather knowledge.

But how do I share it, and who is going to want to hear it.

After all Im no EXPERT

Then again maybe the world is too full of experts.

With not enough people just experiencing life,

experimenting, playing with it each day to trying to live it to its fullest.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell say that if you want to

achieve mastery in something then you better be prepared to

commit at least 10,000 hours to achieving it.

Man where do you find the time to do all the other things you want and need to do in life.

You can’t,,it is impossible.

On the flip side of that Josh Kaufman demonstrates that when you break something down into smaller chunks and perform deliberate focused practice you can go from zero to almost hero …okay not hero but to performing noticeably well in 20 hours.

Now this is definitely more manageable and appealing to me.

Im probably somewhere in between those two numbers.

Hey why am I kidding myself,

Im a lot closer to Josh’s than Malcolm’s

“Im good with that,,,it works for me”

I can try out lots of stuff and still have time for living fully.

You see Im more of what Emily Wapnick calls a multipontentialite

Or if you want it in old school,,,,Jack of all trades master of none.

But what does this all have to do with a Journey.

Everything really.

As the great Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism Laozi

or as most people know him Lao-Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching;

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Today is a huge step in my latest journey.

You see I’ve been in what some might call a death spiral.

Plunging further and further into some dark abyss.

Where the Fear of failure and judgment two things that I drew upon to drive me had now paralyzed me and stopped me moving forward.

You know the analogy of the duck on the surface of the water appearing relaxed and calm while all the while under the surface her feet were moving frantically….Yes I wrote her, after all its a duck isn’t it, not a drake…..

Well thats how I felt most days.

My friend Jim Stewart would tell me, thats my Scottish guilt talking and me being a little to hard on myself.

You know what Jim,,,your probably right, but in there also lies some truth.

Okay, okay….come on G,,,get to the point.

The universe was screaming at me but I wasn’t ready to listen

I was afraid to speak out, to admit out loud what I wanted to do with this next chapter in my life.

Well I shut up for a while,,,something I struggle with.

And just listened,,

Turns out it wasn’t just the universe people were also saying it to me.

“Hey you should become a coach”

Who me….Naw F@@k that..

Its all to fluffy and rah rah rah.

See what I did there,,through in a ya but.

Fingers in my ears going na na, na na…. na na, na na…

(hey hey goodbye)

Yip still not listening again.

Then I had an Archimedes jump out the bath naked Eureka moment.

well not really, I shower but you know what I mean,

more oh an aha rather than a na na

Not that there is anything wrong with it.

But if I don’t like the rah rah rah, over the top your awesome amazing stuff

maybe other people feel the same.

Maybe its time for something a wee bit different.

So I shut up, got out of my own way and started listening.

I created Bear Path

At BEAR PATH the mission is simple

Cultivate a culture of sheepdogs..

Did I just read “cultivate a culture of sheepdogs”


There are sheepdogs out there so no need to tell them what it means

But for others its kinda like this…

Sheepdogs are individuals who dare to be bold,

instinctively taking care of those less strong around them.

Fuelled by empathy they have the courage to step up, to do the right thing ..

Sheepdogs are adaptable and instilled with the

resiliency to pursue the purposeful life…

where dreams live.

However its more than that.

And if you’ve got this far,,,maybe your a sheepdog

or maybe your just bored and had nothing else to read

Whatever the reason,,,thanks for reading.

Think Differently, Work Differently, Play Differently, Live Differently


Si Delabar Resurgam

“ Fallen I shall rise again”

P.S. If your a gluten for punishment and think you might want to

learn more about the sheepdog story drop me a line.

Or just follow me here.

If you know someone else who might be interested you could share with them

P.P.S If you can’t wait check out the clip from American Sniper

The inspiration for this and my mission came from

Lt Colonel Grossman and one of his stories.