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How to Look at Art

Much energy, effort, and tuition money is spent studying art. Works are preserved, interpreted, and categorized. Theories are formed about themes and motives of artists and…

A New Style

The Art of De Stijl and Neo-Plasticism

Many decades after its creation, the work of Piet Mondrian still feels current. His grid paintings are an iconic…

My Neighbor Magritte

The surrealist next door

René Magritte is not my favorite painter. His Surrealist visions are smooth and perfectly rendered, but they lack the bold…

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How to Look at Art

Georgia’s World

A journey through the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was one of the first painters to capture my imagination — I loved her use of…

People of the Art Museum

An Illustrated Journal

Last weekend I attended a free day at the Denver Art Museum. On most of my museum visits, I sketch the artwork. This time, I decided to focus on the people.

Sculptor vs. Painter

A feud in the Russian avant-garde

The Last Futurist Painting Exhibition of 1915 was fast approaching. Kazimir Malevich and Vladimir Tatlin, two…

American Art

Exploring a country through its paintings

The summer before I began high school, my family took a road trip from Kansas to Chicago. After ten and a half…

Dada Day

Celebrating the Art of Childish Nonsense

Dada was an early 20th-century art movement that began as a reaction to the culture and traditions of the time…

Self Portrait

The self-portrait is an ancient art form. It rose to popularity in the Renaissance with society’s shift in focus to the individual. Throughout the history of the discipline…

Remembering Futurism