Binary event is a good thing for product-market fit test, regardless the outcome.

When both Austin Kleon (cool last name) and Derek Sivers say its good to “show you work”. It can’t be too wrong.

So here I am, a snippet of findings from first week of go-to-market

I’m talking about the Instagram selling/marketing suite that we have been developing, called AudienceMojo.

I was excited to email a few targeted users this Instagram + PayPal invoicing tool I developed and am proud of (not to bore whoever reading this, but as a context, is the caption/comment selling feature — Seller posts a product picture with pricing info in caption, buyer buys by commenting with email). I actually came up with solution on my own but later discovered there are a few companies are doing similar things for merchants on Instagram already.

Long story short, such a great tool, who wouldn’t want it, right?

I cold emailed about 15 recipe developer influencers who have ebooks for sale in their profile link, thinking they will love it. I honestly think ebook sellers can easily sell out (if there is such thing for ebook) using our tool.

Guess what.

I got absolutely no replies thus far. 0. nada.

Two possibilities: 1. these influencers don’t want to get aggressive monetizing in the fear of losing followers. 2. They are still thinking about it, or have not read it. Or …

On the other hand, I emailed 3 lifestyle ecommerce accounts. All 3 replied me within 24 hours: a 100% reply rate. But they all said “pass”. Reason is they want to have a long term view on their Instagram account and keep selling controllable with their own stores.

I’m a bit discouraged by the outcome. But I think binary outcome is good in that it clearly tells what you do right or wrong. Maybe data is incomplete, but signal is clear.

My theory is this: Influencers generally view Instagram as a side project, not the place to make a living. They prefer to keep their style consistent, after all, if it works, why change?

Small brands and eCommerce are different: they understand Instagram is increasingly becoming an important or even indispensable marketing channel, which eventually matters to their business bottomline, they have to care. The 3 “no’s” I received are from the type of business who either have clear theme developed for Instagram, or not ready to blowup revenue on Instagram yet.

Onto a new week: I should target small businesses that are making a living on Instagram. To send out 5 to 10 emails a day is my goal. Update soon.