This is how Big Oil will die
Seth Miller

Interesting post and your argument is heading in the right direction, but you seem to ignore a lot of a barrel of oil. It’s not just gasoline that gets produced from oil and gas exploration. What about petchem, aviation, shipping, plastics, solvents, lubricants, etc?

Where will the baseload to charge all the EVs come from? Renewables are certainly making strides, but we dont have the technology, infrastructure, or capacity (yet) to have them really cut into market share across the national grid. The time will come, but it will not be 2025 as you say.

What about international markets and developing nations? It takes time to build out an infrastructure to support the kind of changes you are talking about, and I am not sure I see that happening in developing and even some developed places (ie, India, China, Brazil). I am not saying that strides are not being made, it is not a static world, but I think your timeline is a bit accelerated and I think you ignore a lot of what else is produced from a barrel of oil.

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