White Noise/Sound Asleep

Another in my bed. Who is it? What do they want? Why are you here, disturbing my sleep? What do I need to do for you? What should I do for you? What do you think I should be doing for you? What do I want to do for you? Hold you?

Tell me a story? Listen to your story? One I surely haven’t heard before. What do you want from me? A story? One you’ve certainly heard before. Make you small. Make you feel good. Make you squirm, hold you so you can’t move at all. Grow, grow, grow. you and me? Who am I with you? Who am I without? Gradually sleeping better than when you first came into my bed. Better than before? Most likely not. But I can’t remember any longer. This is my bed now. And you are here, with me. And here I am, with you.

Whose blood is this?

Whose bed was this before? Why is it mine now? The bed, not mind. The bed, not mine. The bed, not mine. No matter no matter, ours now? Whose was it before? Shall they join us? Three on this single mattress? Three, maybe four? 6 maybe 7 Million. Another bed, another bed. Another bed, another bed. Bring it here. I will sleep over there. Who wants to sleep here? I have no place to sleep. Next to you? I don’t know if I can. Are you sure you want that? If you think it’s alright.

Can we share when we sleep at different hours? Can we share when we both sleep on our stomachs? Can we share: holding hands, arms wrapped around one another, your hair pushing into my nostrils, stifling my sleeping breaths. I’m awake now. what’s that now…….that’s changed……My fan? Where’s my fan? Who turned it off? Can I turn it back on? Maybe I shouldn’t, somebody turned it off once, I shouldn’t make them do it again. They might need the silence. They might need the noise. ... . . . .

We’ve changed.