I know you like Gloria Jeans, but…

The other day I was Gloria Jean’s and I was about to order myself a black cappuccino.

I am actually a 7/11 coffee man myself. I do not know why. I just prefer the taste, but Gloria Jean’s was close by.

Anyways, a lady in front of me she was about to order something and I overheard her conversation.

She asked the checkout…

“Look, I am trying to lose weight at the moment, but I would want to know what would you recommend is the best option?”

To the checkout chick’s defense, she is obviously not an expert in the fitness industry otherwise she would not be working at Gloria Jean’s.

With that being said, she recommended one of the fruzie options.

Now, if you are not sure what a fruzie is it is basically kind of like a boost juice.

They pump it full of fruit and obviously some other ingredients as well, so it tastes good.

The lady agreed and went ahead and ordered 3 of them; 2 for her kids, 1 each kid, and 1 for herself.

When I got home, curiosity got the better of me and I actually looked them up.

I was actually quite shocked and I have written these numbers down for you…

One strawberry fruzie that she ordered for herself contains 440 calories.

Now to give you a comparison 1 cup of strawberries by themselves is 39 calories, crazy isn’t it?

Now, the banana one, (which is what she ordered for one of her kids) is 469 calories. In comparison, one large banana by itself 122 calories.

The mango one which she ordered for her other kid is 511 calories; one large mango by itself 187 calories.

What can you take from this story?

Just because a particular company says that their product is ‘healthy’, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

I am not giving fruit a bad rep.

In fact, I am a big fan of fruit being a part of a fat loss and fitness program.

It is not the fruit’s fault, it’s actually Gloria Jean’s fault for adding in those extra ingredients in order to make it tasty.

Because they add in extra ingredients, the caloric intake bumps up.

So next time you’re out somewhere looking for something healthy to eat maybe you should look into a little more before you go ahead and consume it.

Oh by the way, before you go…

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Talk soon,


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