Every Day Has A Revelation

My name is Grant. I just found out about this site in a strange and roundabout way. Let’s just say that I’ve been wandering down a rabbit hole, looking for interesting new web based solutions, or simply looking at what the other tech giants are playing with and checking that out.

I just discovered that Facebook is using this. I don’t exactly understand why, just yet, but I thought it was worth a shot to find out why.

Prospectin’ at Fort Irwin, CA. Found nothing.

My first impression: this is a fancy wiki-blog. Anyone can contribute. Anyone can start writing stories. Anyone can publish any thought they feel is worth a read.

This site is minimal, to say the least. I like it. It appears that there are a lot of features that are hidden, such as text formatting, but I’m quite certain that if one were to scratch the upper layer just a bit, one could uncover a wealth of useful features.

Well, until I can get back. I’ll sign off and move on.

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