The Revolutionary Knitting Circle Proclamation of Constructive Revolution

Our “manifesto”, originally published in late 2001.

We hold that all communities should have the means necessary to meet every essential need of their own people.

To that end, the Revolutionary Knitting Circle calls upon people everywhere to take up the struggle through the tools of local production. We shall bring forth not only our voices raised for global justice, but we shall rise together, with the tools to liberate local communities from the shackles of global corporatism.

By sharing in the skills and resources of our communities, we shall become free to cast off dependencies on global trade for our subsistence. In so doing, we shall all be able to enter fairly into meaningful and equitable trade of not only goods, but also those cultural intangibles that are necessary if we are to bring about understanding, justice and peace to truly enrich our individual lives and our communities.

By returning production of the essentials of life to the community, we can eradicate the dependence imposed by the elites — giving communities the freedom to guide their own destinies.

We call upon all people who would see their communities freed from corporate slavery to come forth to share in action dedicated to removing the production of essential goods from the hands of multi-national corporations and returning that production to the people.

This is a daily struggle.

We shall put this struggle in the faces of the elites by engaging in knit-ins at their places of power throughout the world.

We shall conduct workshops and skill-sharing at their major meetings, on the steps of government edifices, and — perhaps most significantly — in the banks, malls and even those ‘hallowed’ office towers of the richest of the rich.

We will remind ourselves — and those who would have us believe there is no alternative to the corporate doctrine — that we can have the ability to produce what we need without the destructive hand of the investment banker and his ilk at our throats.

So whether you want to knit, quilt, grow food, build homes, teach, heal or any of the other skills that can provide for a community, we call on you to come forward in solidarity to create production and learning outside of the dominant ‘corporate economics’.

We look on with delight in our hearts to this action that will shine as we produce so much for our communities while providing no offerings to the elite’s loathsome ‘bottom-line’.

Let us join together in action to create a globalization of justice so that freedom can be made to ring out for all people.

This is our constructive revolution.


Community activist for social and environmental justice. Co-host on Dialogue City. Mohkinstis, Treaty 7. Calgary.

Community activist for social and environmental justice. Co-host on Dialogue City. Mohkinstis, Treaty 7. Calgary.