Great read Grant.
Anthony Barbee

Thanks, Anthony!

In response to your question — I think the market will eventually demand convenience. Initially, state governments will proceed cautiously and likely prohibit online sales in order to better control and monitor the flow of cannabis through their state. However, as the market continues to prove itself out and public acceptance grows, they’ll likely become more amenable to allowing online sales and delivery, because, as just mentioned, I anticipate the market will simply demand such convenience. I could be wrong on this, but I’d estimate we are several years from online ordering being commonplace. Everyone is proceeding forward, yet with caution.

You can take a look at Canada’s model, which is essentially a combination of mail orders and online purchases. I believe online purchases are technically not allowed in Canada, but there is a grey area in regard to mail orders that allows them to operate as so.

Eaze (operating only in California at the moment) is a good example of the type of online ordering/delivery model that will likely become more common in the future.

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