Hate ads?

You may hate ads, but they bring you a lot of stuff. Like free social media. Without ads, Facebook would still be something the Winklevoss twins owned and Mark Zuckerberg would be a junior analyst at Prudential. Without ads, your Hartford Courant would cost you approximate $250 an issue. Without ads, all TV would be paid cable TV so instead of paying $149 a month , you would be shelling out close to $12,000 a month for all of the channels that you now receive for free. Without ads, there would be no feasible way and no reason to differentiate products, so you might only have a choice of three or four kinds of cars. Two kinds of breakfast cereal. Three kinds of soap. Without ads, a lot of innovations like WAZE, FourSquare, Twitter, and a thousand other technologies that fund innovation through promotion would never get off the drawing board. Which means, without ads, you would basically have to accept the crap that companies make because there would be no other way for competitive products to even show you a better way. And think of all of the good that ads do. I’ve had the benefit of creating advertising for a dozen local non-profits as well as national causes like green initiatives, public transportation and important social services. Finally, without advertising, you can pretty much kiss the internet as you know it goodbye. It would be far too expensive for the average person to acquire and it would only be used by the government and large universities. And without the internet, you have a pretty lackluster economy. So go ahead and hate on ads if you want to. Just keep in mind that what I do is the fuel that makes a lot of what you take for granted, yet rely upon, available to you.

Grant Sanders is the Creative Director at Mintz+Hoke advertising in Avon, CT and he appreciates everything he has. He works four or five days a week in central CT and commutes home to his kindergarten-teacher wife and black dog on Nantucket each weekend. This post began as an answer to a friend on Facebook complaining about the ads in his feed.

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