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It looks like many that were wary of Trump during the campaign were correct. He has hired about 6 Trump supporters out of 4000+ positions. Short of Bannon, Miller, Hicks, and Schiller, the entire WhiteHouse is staffed with Establishment hacks, Never-Trumpers, and Democrats. This kind of thing doesn't just happen by accident. Don’t you think that if you were Trump and witnessed all these people being hired you would think “what the fuck is going on here?”. Of course you would. It is not just a person here and there, it is the entire freaking government! I still cannot believe it….

So, here it is, folks. We have two possible explanations for this insanity:

  1. We were all conned by Trump. Throughout the campaign he just developed a platform based on what the majority of Americans wanted. Anyone with the internet and half a brain could develop a popular agenda in about an hour. He gave it a try and it worked, but he never believed the movement.

2. He is a moron. I find this hard to believe, considering the man is reportedly worth billions. Generally speaking, stupid people do not become billionaires.

I am failing to see any other rational explanations for this nightmare. The WhiteHouse is leaking damaging info non-stop, yet the staff remains the same. Trump needs to fire just about everyone, beginning with Rience Priebus. Start with a new, loyal COS and move forward from there.

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