Life’s Fulfillment-Without Religion

We struggle with fulfillment issues. We are constantly feeling unfulfilled, empty, and lonely. We are never sure why this is.

How can we, as humans, gain this lost fulfillment, without the connection to religion that so many people have? Many people find fulfillment through their religion. It is a reason to get up in the morning, to stay in line to gain entrance into heaven. I was religious at a point in my life, that is how I thought it all was.

Sometimes just making an effort to being a more positive person can be all the change we need. According to Max Lucado, we need to find “Joy in the ordinary”, which can express our daily life. Take an extra look at your daily life and find the ordinary in your life that can make you happy. Maybe, it’s that smile your child gives you when you get up in the morning. Maybe, it’s playing football with your brother, or even just reading a book in a quiet part of your house.

Writing is a huge fulfillment because it is a way to rant yet at the same time tell a story that needs to be told.

One thing that has always worked for many is remembering a precious memory. That memory for me is simply remembering a time when my family was happy. Not happy by disguise, but happy by definition. I wouldn't wake up and question what conflict was going to happen or arise, or what pair of people in the house will be arguing.

To quote the famous Rachel Brown: “Independent lines of evidence from every branch of Natural Science: chemistry, astronomy, biology, physics, and earth science, all point to the same conclusion — Life evolved. We are intimately connected to this world and to every species that has called it home. To me, nothing is more beautiful.”

That is the way to live; to marvel in the world that we live in, and nothing else. Nothing superficial, nothing that cannot be explained by science, and just basking in it all.

The way to life’s fulfillment is not through repetition of your day to day, it’s taking a moment to remove yourself from that system, and gaze at the wonders of your life, and our world.

We are part of the natural world. We marvel at the vastness of the cosmos, and we relish our place within it.
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