The Old with the New : Star Wars Review

First off, let me say that the following article contains SPOILERS for the recently released Star Wars Film. With that being said, here’s the nerd’s review for The Force Awakens. Rating: 9/10

Story: There are so many reasons it scored so high in my opinion. The first off being the writing. J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job with tying the old characters and story line with his additions and new story line. New fans were able to connect with old fans of Star Wars together easily.


Kylo Ren (Ben Solo)

As far as the old character’s developments, we see that Han Solo and Princess (Now General) Leia Organa have had a child together, Ben Solo, known as Kylo Ren, who has gone to the dark side of the force to work for the General Snoke.

The first sentence of the opening scroll is “Luke is nowhere to be seen”, which sets the entire plot up, which is finding the last Jedi.

We then get to meet some new characters: Finn and Rey. Rey is a scavenger on the planet Jakku awaiting her parent’s to return (Luke???) and Finn is a First Order Storm trooper who, during his first battle, realizes that he doesn’t want to kill for the First order. So, he escapes with the help of the Rebellion’s finest pilot, Poe Dameron. He lies himself onto the Millenium Falcon, and convinces the new droid BB-8, to keep his secret. Anyways…

Maz Kanata on the poster

One of the most undermined characters was Maz Kanata, the woman pictured above, played by the wonderful Lupita Nyong’o. She was one of my favorite additions to the Star Wars saga simply for her iconic characteristics.

BB-8 is the round droid that travels with Poe Dameron as he’s searching for the map to Luke Skywalker, but gets separated from Poe when the First Order arrives on Jakku. BB-8 then finds Rey, and stays with her until Poe is reunited with BB-8. The new droid is hilarious and a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe.

The Soundtrack:

With all Star Wars movies, there is always the iconic score by John Williams. While I don’t believe this one was as good as A New Hope’s soundtrack, I believe it was still very well written, throwing old themes with new themes. You’re hooked within the first five seconds of the film with the music playing next to the scroll.

The Death of Han Solo:

While it was sad, I believe that it was justified to move the story forward. Han Solo calls to his son, just before walking out on the walkway over the reactor. He approaches his son, beckoning him to return home, stepping closer and closer to him, who has turned to the dark side. Finn and Rey walk in on it all, making the doorway cast a light down on Han and Kylo. I believe this signaled the light side of the force, and rebellion. Then after the sun is nearly fully drained, the light goes away, reminding Ben of the dark side. Kylo Ren stabs his father Han with his light saber, making him fall down into the reactor. There is no chance that he is alive at all. If he is, I will do a back flip off of my unicorn.

The Ending:

Well, it ends with Rey offering Luke (her father???) his old light saber, found at Maz’s, where she says she was keeping it for safe keeping. He removes his hood and looks with surprise at Rey. They are on an island (Filmed in Ireland) that he escaped to after he blamed himself for Ben solo, his student, going to the dark side and killing all of his other students. Then the screen goes black. You can definitely tell this was done by J.J. Abrams, master of suspense and story.


To shorten things up from the madness in my head and this article: The movie was fantastic, I would definitely recommend seeing it in 3D over 2D (I saw it once in each). The movie is filled with story driven action, romance, comedy, and everything else that makes Star Wars so iconic. If you are scared it will be another prequel disaster, do not worry at all! This movie hits all the right marks, and is perfect for any old or new fan. After I’ve seen it twice, I can tell you it is definitely worth seeing as soon as possible.

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