EXCLUSIVE: Carter Page Is An Unapologetic Russia Apologist (podcast)

Carter Page hates being called an apologist, but his main goal working with Trump is to make Russia into America’s ally, without conditions. Our latest Occupy Democrats podcast examines his opinions about Russian sanctions, Wikileaks effect and more in an exclusive report.

Page has assumed a central role in the Trump Russia investigations this week, after the Washington Post’s bombshell report about the ex-Trump Campaign advisor saying that they’re in possession of the FBI’s secret FISA surveillance warrant to listen to his phone calls.

We obtained an exclusive copy of the audio from a wide-ranging, 90-minute interview by Jeff Jetton with Carter Page in New York City, they met last month in a Manhattan restaurant. Jetton’s a columnist at the culture blog Brightest Young Things. After the Women’s March in January, Jeff Jetton — whose official title is Idea’s Guy, decided to treat the Trump administration like any other New York celebrity and began deeply investigating some of the reported players in his campaign.

Jetton left a message for Carter Page. He got a return call, and it led to the interview we have excerpted in our Occupy Democrats podcast, where he said:

“The term that’s always used to describe me and some other people that have sort of a pro-engagement viewpoint towards Moscow is, we’re called ‘apologists’. We’re apologists for Moscow’s position. And to the contrary, it’s just finding normal solutions.”

We’ve edited and presented the most relevant parts of Jeff Jetton’s two-part Conversation with Carter Page and extended interview reveals a thoughtful and opinionated ex-Trump foreign policy advisor, giving some pretty unvarnished opinions about this year’s election, his unusual role in the Trump Russia dossier.

Listen here:

Jetton conducted the second part with along with geologist and Cornell Science Professor Greg Gaffin (GG) who like Carter Page (CP) holds a Doctoral degree, though he’s more famous for his musical pursuits.

Page told BYT:

CP: Just as a way of further introduction, contrary to the portrayal in the media I actually have worked for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who is a liberal Democrat from New York, Congressman Les Aspin, I’m a pretty bi-partisan guy. The thing that originally drew attention to me, in this most recent year, is helping to shift the U.S./Russia relations from this ongoing 70-year war towards a new direction.

GG: I’m just hearing this for the first time but it would seem to me that the reactionary, knee-jerk people are mad at you because you’re helping Trump make Russia our ally.

CP: Exactly, precisely.

Carter Page is a former investment banker, whose role in the Trump Russia affair continues to grow after he revealed on MSNBC last month that he had met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Republican National Convention last July.

Page is expected to testify in front of Congress this year as part of the Trump Russia investigations.

Listen to the complete podcast here: