Republican Governor Who Poisoned Flint’s Water, Draws Line at Supporting Trump, Both Sued For Racketeering

Left: Orange-faced vulgarian Republican nominee for President. Right: Republican Governor Rick Snyder whose administration bears blame for lead poisoning the entire city of Flint’s water supply.

There’s no honor amongst Republicans being sued for racketeering.

Michigan is a prime example of the ruinous conservative philosophy to run government like private business, where a Republican governor and legislature installed callous rulers into the city of Flint and turned its drinking water into toxic waste.

But even lead poison-er in chief, Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder refuses to endorse his party’s presumptive Presidential nominee.

It’s safe to say now, that the Republican party has turned into a rotten barrel of some of the worst elected officials money can buy, whether it’s the candidate’s own money or Koch brothers cash.

Governor Snyder himself is facing a racketeering charges filed by the people who he’s poisoning with Flint, and still will not support fellow accused racketeer Trump.

The steak-selling, racist Republican nominee is also facing his own federal racketeering lawsuit for stealing from Trump University students and also allegedly violating consumer protection laws in three different states.

Amid calls for criminal charges, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is also facing no less than four separate recall petitions to end his term as governor early.

But that didn’t stop Michigan’s polluter in chief from side-stepping the radioactive Republican pick for President.

It’s the principle of the matter.

At any rate, Trump only won 36% of the vote in Michigan during the GOP primary, and without the Governor’s support — even if recalled he will still be in office through this year’s general election — it’s probably safe for even Fox News to call Michigan for Hillary Clinton or whomever the Democratic party ultimately nominates at this year’s convention in Philadelphia at the end of July.

If America’s most hated Republican governor won’t endorse his own party’s Presidential nominee, then it’s a rare good sign for democracy.

Because the authoritarian vulgarian’s chances of making it into office just got that much lower, and his tragi-comedy of a political campaign hasn’t even crossed the rubicon of securing the nomination at this summer’s GOP Convention in Ohio, yet…

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